I'm Oonagh and I'm a Graphic Designer based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. I specialise in branding for other creatives to help achieve a cohesive look that beautifully captures the life and soul of a business. And the wonderful minds behind it!

So let me tell you a little bit about myself and my philosophy when it comes to my work. I am organised, a lover of all-things-stationery and a total perfectionist. I’m obsessed with good, creative design and adore discovering every unique journey that each business has. My work is ruled by clean, simple aesthetics and comprehensive, cohesive use of design.

I believe that your brand should be a reflection of your personal and business self. It should be flexible enough to incorporate small shifts, changes and challenges that you undertake.

As a firm believer in ‘less is more’, I apply this ethos to my work. Negative space is used liberally and gives each carefully curated element the room to breathe freely. Branding is there to complement your efforts, not cloak them and should build a sturdy platform for you to stand firmly, and proudly upon to let your work truly shine.

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